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Mr. Wang Xiaoyun, aged 53, is the vice president of the Group. He joined the Group in March 2003 acting as the general manager of Fujian Dachuan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd (formerly known as Zhouning Qianping Hydroelectric Development Co., Ltd.(周寧縣前坪水電開發有限公司)), an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. He has been the vice president of Fuan Liyuan Hydropower Co., Ltd and Fujian Dachuan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd, both are subsidiaries of the Group, from March 2007. Mr. Wang has over 14 years’ experience in the development, construction and management of hydropower plants. He has extensive professional experiences in the development, construction and operation management of hydropower plants. Mr. Wang finished high school education in July 1984 in Ningde Area Ethnic Secondary School*(寧德地區民族中學)in Fujian Province.

Mr. Wu Zengsheng, aged 46, is the vice president of the Group and is responsible for the operation management of hydropower plants and the construction of regional power grids. Mr. Wu obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Management from the People’s Liberation Army Nanjing Institute of Politics*(解放軍南京政治學院)in July 2001. Mr. Wu has been responsible for regional power grids and operation management of hydropower plants in Sifang Hydropower Group since 1992 and joined the

Group after its acquisition by the Group, and has therefore accumulated extensive practical experience. 

Mr. Shen Weiwang, aged 61, is an electrical engineer of of the Group and is responsible for the operation management of electrical engineer system of hydropower plants. Mr. Shen joined the Group in January 2004. Mr. Shen obtained a Bachelor’s Degree specialised in water and electricity facility in July 1987 from Fujian Yong’an College of Water Conservancy And Electric Power*(福建永安水利水電學校). Mr. Shen has extensive practical experiences in the management of electrical engineer system of hydropower plants.

Ms. Lin Yuwen, aged 50, is the general manager of the Human Resources Department of the Group. She joined the Group in March 2003 and has been working in the Group’s finance and accounting department where she gained many years of professional experiences in human resources management and administrative management. Ms. Lin finished secondary school education in July 1983 in Fuan Number 4 Secondary School*(褔安第四中學), Fujian Province.

Mr. Zhou Mingliao, aged 76, graduated from Zhejiang University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering in July 1964. He holds the title of senior engineer awarded by Human Resources and Social Security Department of Fujian Province*(福建省人力資源和社會保障廳)in May 1989 and has been granted the Expert Special Subsidy by the State Council since 1996. Mr. Zhou acted as the senior adviser of the Group. He was the director of Ningde Municipal Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Bureau(寧德市水電工程局局長)and senior engineer and was awarded as the “Labour Model” (勞動模範稱號)of Fujian Province in 1998.

Mr. Ye Bisen, aged 75, is currently the senior adviser of the Group. He holds the title of senior technician awarded by the Social and Labour Insurance Bureau of Fujian Province*(福建省社會勞動保險局)in March 1996. Mr. Ye has over 32 years of  experiences in hydropower generation industry. He had worked in Xiamen Electric Motor Factory*(廈門電機廠)and Nanping Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing Factory*(南平水電設備製造廠). He acted as a hydropower expert to participate in the construction of hydropower plant in Thailand and Vietnam during the period from 1991 to 1993.

Mr. Chen Xinbin, aged 45, is the assistant general manager of the Group. He was issued the certificate of his qualification as a Safe Production Supervisor(安全生產管理人員)by Fujian Administration of Work Safety(福建省安全生產監督管理局)and Fujian Office of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission( 國家電力監督委員會福建省電力監督專員辦公室)in August 2010 which was valid until 17 August 2013. Mr. Chen took correspondence course in Electrical Power System and its Automatization(電力系統及其自動化專業函授課程)at Fuzhou University(福州大學)from September 2000 to January 2004 and fulfilled the requirements for graduation. Mr. Chen was approved as a Middle Class Hydropower Engineer(水利水電專業中級工程師)by Ningde Human Resources Bureau(寧德市人事局)on 4 December 2006. Prior to joining the Group in January 2008, Mr. Chen worked for Huanglanxi Hydropower Co., Ltd(黃蘭溪水力發電有限公司)in which he was responsible for operation of hydropower plant from 1998 to 2008.

Mr. Zhang Qigui, aged 43, has worked as an operation supervisor(運行主任)and technical head(技術站長)with Qianyuan Hydropower since October 1999 at the Jiulong Hydropower Plant. Mr. Zhang took a three years’ course in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering(機電工程三年制普通專科)at The Open University of Fujian(福建廣播電視大學)and fulfilled the requirements for graduation in July 1999.

Mr. Gao Ming, aged 45, is assistant of chief financial officer of the Group, who holds a diploma in Accounting from Xiamen University(廈門大學). Mr. Gao is a member of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants(中國註冊會計師)and a member of the China Certified Tax Agents Association(中國註冊稅務師協會). He has worked in a Chinese accounting firm around 3 years. He joint Fujian Sifang Hydropower Investment Co., Ltd(福建省四方水電投資有限公司)in 2005. He is

familiar with accounting, tax law, economy law and possess many experience in hydropower industry.

Ms. Wu Xiaoqing, aged 35, is the finance manager of the Group. Ms. Wu completed a two years’ course in Accounting(會計學(財會方向)兩年制專科)at The Open University of China(中央廣播電視大學)in January 2007. She joined the Company since June 2010. Prior to joining the Group, she worked for Ningde Jiaocheng Chaoda Trading Co. Ltd.*(寧德市蕉城區超達貿易有限公司)where she was responsible for accounting and finance work.

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