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Mr. Lin Yang, aged 55, is the founder of the Group. He has been appointed as an executive Director since 27 August 2010 and is the chairman of the Board. Mr. Lin is mainly responsible for the overall strategic planning and corporate policy making for the  perational direction of the Group. He possesses many years of experience in corporate planning, business development and project investment. Prior to the establishment of the Group, Mr. Lin acted as assistant general manager and general manager of Fuan

Oriental Plastic Factory(福安市東方塑料廠), a factory with principal business of production and sale of plastic products mainly in the PRC market, respectively, during the period from 1995 to 2002 where he was responsible for plastic trading and management affairs. Before that, he worked in a few other plastic factories in the PRC. Mr. Lin obtained a certificate in Administrative Management(行政管理專業成人高等教育專業證書)from the Fujian Normal University(福建師範大學)in October

1995. In 2009, Mr. Lin completed a Private Equity Investment Fund Advanced Programme in the Beijing University(北京大學私募股權投資基金高級研修班)and passed the examinations.

Mr. Chen Congwen, aged 50, has been an executive Director since 14 October 2010 and is the chief financial officer of the Group. Mr. Chen is mainly responsible for the financial planning and management of the Group. He has over 21 years of experience in finance and corporate management. Mr. Chen has a Certificate of Accounting Employment Qualification(會計從業資格證書)issued to him by the Ningde Fuan Financial Bureau(寧德市福安市財政局)of the PRC in January 2006. He completed a 3 years’ course in Finance and Accounting(計財系財務會計三年制本(專)科)at Fujian Commercial College (福建省商業高等專科學校)in July 1988. During the period from August 1988 to November 2003, Mr. Chen worked as finance manager for Fuan City Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce(福安市工商行政管理局). Mr. Chen is the brother-in-law of Mr. Lin Yang and the uncle of Mr. Lin Tian Hai.

Mr. Lin Tian Hai, aged 31, was appointed as an executive Director since 30 January 2013 and is the deputy chief executive officer of the Group. Mr. Lin Tian Hai obtained a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration and Management from the University of Toronto in Canada in May 2011. Mr. Lin Tian Hai joined the Group in July 2012 and is mainly responsible for the investor relationship of the Group.He has worked in private equity and investment banking sectors and has substantial experiences in project management and corporate financing. 

Independent non-executive directors

Mr Xie Zuomin

Mr. Xie, aged 70, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology  in 1970. Mr. Xie holds the title of senior economist awarded by Fujian Province Department of Human Resources*  in January 2004. From 2003 to 2008, Mr. Xie was a member of the Fujian Province Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference* (福建省政協委員) as well as the vice chairman of the Sub-Committee of Education and Publicity* (學習宣傳委). From May 1996 to August 2005, he had served as the general manager as well as the Secretary of the Communist Party of China* (‘‘CPC’’) in Fujian Ship Building Industry Group Company Limited* (福建省船舶工業公司總經理及黨委書記).

Mr. Xie had also been a member of the Ningde Prefectural Committee of the CPC* (寧德市地委), the Secretary of the Ningde City Committee of the CPC* (寧德市委書記) and the Director of the Ningde Municipal People’s Congress* (寧德市人大主任) between 1994 and 1996.From 1990 to 1996, Mr. Xie had served as the Secretary of Fujian Ningde City (County-level City) Committee of the CPC* (福建寧德市(縣級市)市委書記). He had been the Director General of Fujian Ningde District Two Light Industry Bureau* (福建寧德地區二輕工業局局長) from March 1987 to August 1990. From January 1984 to March 1987, Mr. Xie had been the County Head of Fujian Fuding County* (福建福鼎縣縣長). During the period from August 1983 to July 1985, Mr. Xie attended training at the Fujian Provincial CPC Party School for Young Cadre* (中共福建省委黨校中青年幹部).Mr. Xie worked at Bureau of Materials and Equipments of Fujian Fuding County* (福建福鼎縣物資局) from 1976 to 1983. He had worked as a 404T technician in Jijiang City (技江市) of Hubei Province from August 1970 to September 1976.

Mr. Xie has also been the chairman of Fujian Ship Building Industry Association since 2006..

Mr Chen Jinfu

Mr Chen Jinfu on 14 October 2010 and independent non-executive directors appointed, and for the Hong Kong public accountants Chen Jinfu certified public accountants of the sole proprietor. Mr. Chen for the Hong Kong practising accountants, certified member of CPA Australia and the Hong Kong institute of taxation. Before joining the group, Mr. Chen since January 15, 2001, served as a hong kong-listed company open Dali yuan environmental protection science and technology group co., LTD. (now called China green assets investment co., LTD.) (stock code: 397) of the executive director and leave on August 31 in 2001, also in September 30, 2004 to December 14, 2007 and October 30, 2009 to April 20, 2010, served as a Hong Kong listed company between two XunTong holdings co., LTD. (now called since international group co., LTD.) (stock code: 8082) and yongxing international (holding) co., LTD. (now called the altar gold mining co., LTD.) (stock code: 621) of independent non-executive directors. Because of its own individual work schedule reason, mr.chen has return Chinese green assets investment co., LTD., executive director of the position and resigned XunTong holding co., LTD and yongxing international (holding) co., LTD., the independent non-executive director. In addition, 

Mr. Chen since May 19, 2003, served as a on the Singapore exchange (SGX) listed company, PCCW media technology group co., LTD of executive director, until November 11, 2006 due to personal work schedule down as a non-executive director; And since October 28 2003 Superior Fastening Technology Limited (now called Asia new energy group co., LTD.) (its shares are listed on the SGX) of independent non-executive directors, until July 30, 2010 by rotation. Is not related to Mr. Chen from the resigned other matters need to inform the shareholders of listed companies and the stock exchange. Mr. Chen in the financial, auditing and accounting has extensive experience. Chan graduated from the university of southern Queensland in Australia in 1998, master's degree in professional accounting, and graduated from city university of Hong Kong in 1995, obtained a master of science degree in finance. In addition to the above, in the practical date of the previous three years, Mr. Chen is not in any listed company directors.


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