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Reference is made to the circular of HAITIAN HYDROPOWER LIMITED (the ‘‘Company’’) dated 25November 2014 (the ‘‘Circular’’). Unless the context otherwise requires, the expressions used in thisannouncement shall have the same meanings as they were defined in the Circular.The board (the ‘‘Board’’) of directors (the ‘‘Directors’’) of the Company hereby announces that at theextraordinary general meeting of the Company held on 12 December 2014 (the ‘‘EGM’’), all proposedresolutions as set out in the notice of EGM of the Company dated 25 November 2014 were duly passedas ordinary resolutions by way of...
发布时间: 2016 - 01 - 13
NOTICE OF LISTING BY WAY OF PLACINGON THE GROWTH ENTERPRISE MARKETOF THE STOCK EXCHANGE OF HONG KONG LIMITEDNumber of Placing Shares : 250,000,000Shares Placing Price : Not more than HK$0.32 per Share andexpected to be not less than HK$ 0.30 perShare (payable in full upon application,plus brokerage fee of 1%, SFC transactionlevy of 0.003% and Stock Exchange tradingfee of 0.005%)Nominal Value : HK$0.01 eachStock Code : 8261    Copies of the Prospectus required by the GEM Listing Rules and the Companies Ordinance areavailable, for information purposes only, at the office of A...
发布时间: 2016 - 01 - 13
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