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Profile of Zhouning Yunxiang Hydropower Co., Ltd (Huangqiling Stage 2 Hydropower Station)The Company has invested to construct three stages of Huangqiling Cascading Hydropower Stations and Shitan Hydropower Stations. The Stage 1 project comprises a 81.0m-high dam and the Stage 2 and Stage 3 projects comprise a 26.8m-high and a 19.8m-high dam respectively. The three water-guide tunnels are 1.425km, 2.713km and 1.23km long respectively. The Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 hydropower stations have an installed capacity of 100,000MW, 110,000MW and 32,000MW respectively. The three reservoirs have a total capacity of 15.5 million cubic meters. The stations have a total installed capacity of 242,000MW, an annual generating capacity of 69,060MWh and a total investment of 130 million Yuan. With an inv...
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