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Profile of Zhouning Yunxiang Hydropower Co., Ltd (Huangqiling Stage 2 Hydropower Station)
The Company has invested to construct three stages of Huangqiling Cascading Hydropower Stations and Shitan Hydropower Stations. The Stage 1 project comprises a 81.0m-high dam and the Stage 2 and Stage 3 projects comprise a 26.8m-high and a 19.8m-high dam respectively. The three water-guide tunnels are 1.425km, 2.713km and 1.23km long respectively. The Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 hydropower stations have an installed capacity of 100,000MW, 110,000MW and 32,000MW respectively. The three reservoirs have a total capacity of 15.5 million cubic meters. The stations have a total installed capacity of 242,000MW, an annual generating capacity of 69,060MWh and a total investment of 130 million Yuan. With an investment of 55.73 million Yuan and an annual generating capacity of 31,920MWh, the Company’s Stage 2 stations were completed and launched into operation on May 31, 2006. The generated electricity is fully fed into Zhouning Power Grid via a 110KV line to alleviate the shortage of power supply in Zhouning County and contribute to the continuous and stable development of Zhouning County.



Qianping Hydropower Station of Zhouning County  
Qianping Hydropower Station of Zhouning County is located by Longting Brook in the drainage area of Muyang Brook, Zhouning County, Ningde City, Fujian Province. With a total installed capacity of 10MW, it started generating and selling electricity in June 2008. It has a reservoir for electricity generation. A diversion structure (dam) is constructed across the river and a water guide facility (tunnel) is also constructed to guide water flows towards the hydropower station. The station is furnished with two 5.0MW vertical water turbine gensets. The dam controls a catchment area of about 44sqkm. The reservoir has a total designed capacity of about 3,340,000m3. It is also capable of “seasonal adjustment”, i.e. it can store residual water during flood periods for electricity generation during drought periods.


Jiulong Hydropower Station of Zhouning County (expansion project) 
We are currently constructing a new Jiulong Hydropower Station with a total installed capacity of 16.5MW on Bapu Brook in Zhouning County. The project has a total investment of about 120 million Yuan. Its principal work was launched into full construction in May 2014 and the project is scheduled to be launched into formal operation in August 2015. Upon completion, it is expected to have an annual electricity output of 49,500MWh and bring in an additional income of 16 million Yuan per year, with an estimated investment return rate (net operating cash flow) of 13%. The project is currently at the phase of full development and construction.


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