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Jinxi Stage 1 Hydropower Station of Ningde 
Jinxi Stage 1 Hydropower Station of Ningde is located in Baizhang Natural Village, Guyang Village, Jinhan Xiang, Ningde City, Fujian Province. Jinxi Stage 1 Hydropower Station has a total installed capacity of 3.2MW. It is furnished with two 1.6MW horizontal water turbine genset. It started generating and selling electricity in May 2008 and was acquired by the Group in April 2013. As a mixed-type hydropower station, it has a reservoir with a total capacity of 1,066,000m3 and an adjustable capacity of 389,000m3. It is also capable of “daily adjustment”, i.e. it can store residual water during flood hours of a day for electricity generation during drought hours in the next 24 hours.


Address: Room 10, 21/F, Bldg. B1, Phase 2, Wanda Plaza, 
Tel: (86-591) 8850 3331
Fax: (86-591) 8850 3332

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